air cooling screw conveyor LH300F

Installed after the fish meal output process of Drier to remove the most of the water vapor that comes from the fish meal during the conveying process, and achieve the cooling effect.

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Equipped with XLP/B-8 Cyclone, Y5-47NO5C Cooling fan and TGFZ-16 Rotary Valve. Material could be cooled down effectively by the artificial wind. It could save labor and field since its high automation. Without concrete foundation, it could be easily changed the position. The crust, screw blade and top shell of conveyor are made of Stainless Steel, the inner shaft one piece of Mild seamless pipe; The cyclone and cooling fan are made of Stainless Steel.U-shaped screw conveyor is a kind of screw conveyor, which is suitable for small-scale operation, stable transmission, and can play a good role in the limited conditions of the transmission site. The sealing performance is good, and it has great advantages for occasions where the dust is large and where there are requirements for the environment, which can prevent the generation of dust in the conveying process. However, the U-shaped screw conveyor is not suitable for long-distance transportation. The manufacturing cost is larger than that of the belt conveyor, and it is easy for the fragile materials to be destructed. 1. Ordinary carbon steel U-shaped screw conveyors - Mainly used in industries where cement, coal, stone, etc. wear out, and there are no special requirements for materials. 2. stainless steel U-shaped screw conveyor - mainly applicable to food, chemical, food and other industries that have requirements for the delivery environment, cleanliness, and will not produce pollution on the material, the use of a long time, but the relatively high cost. Our heating and cooling screw conveyors indirectly transfer heat to or from the product by introducing a heat transfer medium such as cool water, hot oil or steam through a special trough jacket and/or the pipe and hollow flights of the screw conveyor. Achieving the specified exit temperature of the product is accomplished by calculating the surface area of the auger and designing the system flow to match the heat load requirements of the application. A properly designed system will be very cost-effective when compared to other heating and cooling screw conveyors. Bootec designs and manufactures heating and cooling auger conveyors to meet the needs of many industries, such as Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, Power and Wastewater Treatment. Heat Transfer Screw Conveyors are referred to by many different names Ash Coolers Fly Ash Screw Conveyors Thermal Screw Conveyors Screw Conveyor Cooler Screw Heat Exchangers Cooling Screw Conveyors Hollow Flight Screws Heating Augers Cooling Augers.

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