Chain Scraper System

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1. Main structure (1) Drive mechanism The drive mechanism adopts the helical gear reducer directly connected to the motor, with high transmission efficiency and stable operation. The safety service factor of the reducer ≥ 12 (2) Drive chain The drive chain is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon rollers, stainless steel chain plates, and pins. The pitch is 25.4mm, and the transmission movement is stable, accurate, and efficient. Considering the harsh working environment, the safety factor is 8. (3) Scraper device The underwater sprocket is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon precision casting, and the transmission movement is accurate and reliable. The chain pitch is 152.4mm, which is specially designed and manufactured. The drive chain adopts the plate chain structure form. The chain plate and roller are made of glass fiber reinforced nylon by one-time precision casting. The scraper is made of high glass fiber + toluene dimethyl polyester (glass fiber reinforced plastic), which has strong rigidity and corrosion resistance. The installation distance of the scraper is 2.74 meters. The scraper is installed with a wear-resistant fiberglass-reinforced nylon, which is in contact with the upper and lower guide rails, and can be exchanged on both sides. long lasting. time wear. The guide rail is made of reinforced polyethylene, the seeding guide rail is fastened to the pool bolt by the guide rail bracket, and the bottom rail is fastened with stainless steel bolts. (4) Scum collector The tilting tube type scum collector has simple structure, no power device and reliable operation. The seal is made of binary B inner rubber, and the scum collector tube is made of stainless steel. The diameter of the pipe is 400mm, and the thickness of the pipe wall is 6mm. The scum collector discharges the collected scum into the scum well. Manually operate the scum collector installation vehicle at the center of the slag-spreading side of each sedimentation tank, using handwheel operation, and the manual operating force is less than 150N. (5) Electrical control The electric control cabinet has the protection function of motor phase loss, undervoltage, leakage, etc. At the same time, it has the function of dynamic and automatic control. The PLC interface is reserved for joint control with other equipment, and the acceptance signal is sent to the central control room. The electric control cabinet is outdoor type, and the protection level is IP55.   2. Working principle The scraper on the rotating chain is used to scrape the mud and sand deposited at the bottom of the pool into the sludge collection bucket, and the scum on the pool surface is collected into the scum collector, which can be operated continuously or intermittently.   3. Scope of supply Supply of the whole machine, including auxiliary mud plate, drive device (motor, reducer, drive chain) Guide rails and brackets, scraper chains, drive sprockets, all mounting accessories and fasteners Electric control box and spare parts

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