Standard Screw flights

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Standard Screw flights

  Ordinary screw-conveyor flights for all kinds of conveyance, compacting, dosage, etc. Screw flights are produced by cold-forming, ensuring a reliable, accurate result with maximum strength relative to the choice of material and the specific usage of the screw flight. We have developed a proven production technology, enabling us to produce screw flights capable of compensating for deviations between theoretical models and the actual product. Deviations occurring because the various steel types have different levels of ductility and resilience.   Ordinary standard flights are used in all types of conveying, compacting or pressing, dosing or metering, or other tasks in the primary industry, agricultural and processing industries. Standard flights can be produced in various steel types and in dimensions ranging from small screw flight segments to large-dimension screw conveyors for conveying huge quantities of bulk material. Screw conveyor flights can be produced with various pitches. Large-pitch flights are e.g. used for mixers and lighter media and their capacity is high.

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